The Happy Trap

Young Alistair was on his own
and hungry as could be,
so he decided it was time
to come down from his tree.

He reached the ground and spun around
to do a search for strangers.
The coast was clear, he did not see
a single sign of danger.

He sniffed the air and smelled a scent
that took hold of his feet;
A slow walk soon became a trot
‘cause Alistair smelled meat!

He crossed the field of fire grass
with Mount Splink at his back.
His watchful eyes looked left and right
to spot any attack.

With rumbling belly, Alistair
arrived across the field.
He thanked the skies for what he saw –
a huge steak unconcealed!

The meat looked tender so he bent
to grab and take a bite,
but with a SNAP he felt a pull
and shot up like a kite!

“A trap!” he thought while looking down,
“It must have been a snare.”
“Oh well,” he shrugged and took a bite,
still hanging in the air.

The Trap is Sprung!











Behind him came the hunter, Tok,
who’d heard his prey get caught.
Tok was so pleased to see a man –
that was just what he sought!

“What is your name?” the hunter asked.
“Who eats my tasty bait?”
Alistair turned and spotted Tok
and thought, “my meal can wait.”

“I’m Alistair, and upside down,
Please would you cut me free?
I’m stuck here hanging by this rope
As you can plainly see.”

“Cut you loose?” the hunter asked
“But you’ll just run away.
There is so much I want to learn.
You have so much to say!”

“I tell you what,” Alistair said
while gripping tight the steak,
“I’ll sit and chat until night comes,
this promise I do make.”

Tok the Hunter scratched his chin
and then pulled out his knife.
“You’ll talk to me, but then come home
for dinner with my wife?

“She doesn’t think your kind is real,
you would be real-life proof.
There is no way she can ignore
a man under our roof!”

The offer tickled Alistair.
Another meal for free?
“Hey, cut me down and I’ll play ball,
You’ve got your Man Trophy.”

Tok could not believe his luck –
he told Alistair so –
And with a laugh full of delight
he let his captive go.

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i once found, when finding was fun, a path through the stars that led straight to the sun.
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